Photo of Danelectro replacement bridge


The vintage 3-saddle intonated style created by CJ Guitar Tooling ( also available in 2-saddle style for bass guitars) is designed for function and sound. CJ Guitar Tooling has worked diligently to find just the right alloys so that saddles not only help you play in tune better but give you the best choices to "re-voice" your T style guitar.

CJ Guitar Tooling is one of the only shops to offer the late 50's quarter inch and early 50's five sixteenth sizes in this angled configuration. Fine thread height adjustment screws combined with flat milled saddle bottoms give you improved adjustability. All saddles are angled for better intonation.These are hand-made on old style milling machines just like the vintage variety. Old School is cool! The players are talking!

1/4" cold rolled steel as used in the late 50's. Tone falls somewhere between classic brass and 5/16" steel. Lively, but not thin.
1/4" brass. Variation on the late 50's theme in brass. Slightly brighter and livelier. Great for adding some life to a rather dull sounding guitar.
1/4" aluminum. Variation on the late 50's theme in aluminum. Mid's are more scooped than brass. Nice jangly and lively set.
5/16" cold rolled steel. Classic 1950 - early '51 blackguard tone. Great for pedal steel tones.
CJ Guitar Tooling Saddles

Photo of Danelectro replacement bridge

Photo of CJ Guitar Tooling steel saddles

Photo of CJ Guitar Tooling rosewood replacement saddles

Saddle sets are offered at $30.00/set plus $6.00 insured postage ($15.00 international shipping).
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