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"Our quest for the best saddles ended when we started using those created by Jim at CJ Guitar Tooling. Jim's expertise in machining, metallurgy and design as well as his creative spirit have yielded some of the best sounding and most practical replacement guitar parts available anywhere."

Jeff at Jeff Senn guitars, Builder of Original Senn Instruments

"There are a lot of choices out there now - and I think I must have tried them all, but I find the CJ saddles to be the very best, They sound fantastic, they look great, and my guitars are always in tune. I also have them on my personal original 56' and 66' Teles."

Dan Strain, Guitarist, Builder and Owner of Danocaster Vintage Replicas

"Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the guitar saddles. I have spent many years building guitars with various 3-saddle systems that often left me wanting. Your saddles not only intonate properly, but also have a warmth like no other. Thanks for helping the Truxton model sound the best it can. Be well my friend!

Chris Kroenlein, Guitarist, Builder and Owner of K-Line Guitars

Just installed the new bridge- WOW! The guitar's singing a whole different tune (and in the way I wished it would!) The tone cleared up, sustain improved and overall tonal balance has improved as well somehow. Anyhow, thanks again. Will tell my Dano-loving pals to scurry off to get one!

George Cochrane, Guitarist, San Francisco California

"Jim! By the way, your saddles are the best I have used in 26 years of playing guitar!"

Dan Kaiserman, Guitarist, Highland Park, Illinois

"Just wanted to let you know that I installed the bridge and saddles a few days ago and they look and sound fantastic. Each string intonated perfectly and the guitar has never sounded better, Thanks for a great product."

Benjamin Lansing, Guitarist

"WoW Jim, it sounds incredible. I've just played it now, but I can already hear so many different changes in the guitar tune, It sounds like it has a new pickup---totally different. I would say a little less jangly, but it has brought some of what was floating around in the background to the foreground. I know I am going to enjoy discovering all the new tone."

Koka Duquette, Guitarist

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the bridge. The guitar now sounds amazing and the intonation is perfect. I didn't think a bridge could make this much of difference. Great Product."

Joseph Macaluso, Guitarist

"Hi Jim, Just wanted to give you an update on the custom Danelectro bridge that I purchased from you a little while ago. As you may recall, I was having lots of tuning and intonation issues with the standard bridge on my Danelectro 63' reissue. The new bridge has completely solved those problems! I was having some issues with the G string even with the new bridge, but I was using a set of GHS burnished nickel light strings that had a plain steel G string. I recently swapped that out with a GHS pure nickel wrap single G string (.018" diameter) and that solved the problem; in other words, it was the strings that were giving me the problem, not the bridge. I also swapped out the standard tuners (cheap, Korean tuners) with a set of All Parts "Deluxe" (Kluson copies) and now the guitar stays in tune and plays in tune. My luthier was also very impressed with the quality of the new bridge and how easy it was to install and set-up. The sustain has also doubled if not tripled, I can strum an E chord and it just rings out loud and clear. Here's a few pics for your website or records, I want to thank you again for making these bridges and also your help and attention before AND after the purchase.

Shawn Conroy, Guitarist (Shawn's guitar is at the top of this page!)

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