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About Us

"Over 30 years of experience goes into each guitar part I produce."

As a First-Class Machinist previously working in R&D environments, I realize the importance of developing better performing and functioning parts through research and testing. If you apply this process to musical instrument part construction, the results can sometimes be dramatic; making a huge difference in your sound. Improvement of the instrument's sound makes it all worthwhile. It's a pleasure being able to apply my expertise to make quality parts for guitar players, builders and vintage collectors."

- James Szalwinski, owner of CJ Guitar Tooling.

CJ Guitar Tooling (formerly known as CJ Tooling), started when I got a call from Jeff, owner of Jeff Senn Guitars and builder of Original Senn instruments. He was looking for vintage style saddles that were not only made the old fashioned way, but also had superior intonation and tone. After much testing and consultation, we came up with just the right alloys, sizes, and angles to meet not only his expectations but mine as well. Later, we collaborated on the concept for a Danelectro replacement bridge that would not only give those guitars better intonation, but better coupling to the body to increase resonance and sustain.

Since then, word has got out about the bridges & saddles I make. Thanks for the rave reviews - you know who you are. I'm flattered! As a result, business is getting much busier these days. Practically the whole family is on board with me now...

I hope you continue to enjoy the parts I've built for you.

Thank you for choosing CJ Guitar Tooling parts.

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